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Synergy Quest is the result of two businesses coming together and making the two much stronger and viable in the ever-changing market.  Many years ago the Human Relations Institute (HRI) began to work with helping people, companies, organizations and communities to relate better and become more stable and reduce unnecessary stresses.
Using the work of one of the founder’s thesis of Ripple Effect as a bases of understanding how important relationships are and what kind of impact (negative or positive) waves can and do result in all our relational encounters, HRI began working with families and marriages and soon found themselves working with a US military base for some of their personnel.
Eventually business and others were finding help with consultation, coaching (before they ever heard the popular term), seminars, workshops and symposiums.  Creating Great Work Environments and helping managers work for effectively with employees and customers took on more dimensions into the dynamics of productivity, efficiency and profitability.
Synergy is an important concept to employ and use.  Team Building internally and externally building teams/networks came from HRI early teams and networking of experts.  As the world changed on September 11, 2001 so the training environment changed as well.  Coupled with raising costs and difficulty of clients finding the time to attend four and five day workshops/conferences, HRI began to rework their historical approach.
In the meanwhile, Northstar Consulting Services had been working with businesses and Tribes for many years.  Team members that worked with both companies saw the potential of combining the Synergy of both companies in order to reduce costs and become more efficient and profitable.  
In 2004, several joint projects began under the Name of Synergy Quest and within a couple years the decision was made to make it a permanent company and in 2007 Synergy Quest Consulting, LLC was incorporated in Nevada.   The new historic economic hit everyone hard it was challenging years for not only clients but for Synergy as well.  Had the two companies not combined forces, neither one would have survived the downturn.
Today, Synergy Quest Consulting is developing new and more approaches to providing business, organizations, Tribes, individuals and families affordable and more options for products, services and solutions.  
Put the power of Synergy to work for you today and find out how you can leverage your own synergy with our synergy. 
Synergy Quest Consulting, LLC - Put the Power of Synergy to Work for You Today!

Our Mission

What another mission or vision statement?  Is there a difference? There is… (We will save that for later or click to get more information on the differences).
Often much time and money go into such statements and for the desired results of getting more responses and hopefully more revenue.  So the experts do the current updating of their research to give the most or the latest new flare buzz words.  Also, people write for the search engines to bring you to the site.
We might regret it later but we decided not to insult you with the same old, re-branded, regurgitated hyped up mission statement.
Here it is: To help our clients, subscribers and customer to receive a reasonably priced service and/or product package that they can get the most bang for their buck on their budgetary requirements and we make some money as well.

We hope that the original missions statements of the two parental companies and our parents are honored as well

The Human Relations Institute:  To help people to relate and to relate well with others.

Northstar Consulting Services:  To provide honest and fair pricing to the best of our ability.  For it the customer succeeds we will continue to succeed as well.

From my father: We are not a gas station, we are a service station.  What separates us from everyone else is the service we provide. 

From mom:  Be your best, do your best to the best that you can and admit it when you can’t.

And from her as well, “You will get glad in the same shoes you got mad in.”

So I changed shoes once to prove her wrong.  After that she only bought me one pair of shoes for the school year. 
End result, Mom might not always be right but she is always mom. 

SO, the customer might not always be right but the customers are always the customers.

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Services Overview

Synergy Quest Consulting is a custom services and solutions company that specializes in human relations and business relations.  SQC is the only authorized Human Relations Institute (HRI) consulting/training firm.  As well as the team Building, SQC offers many other business services as well…

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