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Synergy is not only an interesting word but it can be a very powerful force multiplier in every aspect of your life and business. 

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia συνέργεια from synergos, συνεργός, meaning "working together". The word synergy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The word is often a buzz word for many, but it how we have always done business; and to us it is not just a word but how we and other succeed in our lives and businesses. It’s what we do and how we do it!

If you are trying to develop a good, healthy, profitable and stress reduced life or work environment or just want to continue to maintain and/or optimize what you already have, Synergy Quest Consulting (SQC) has something for almost everyone.  You can read more about how Synergy Quest came together as the result of synergy between two companies that became Synergy Quest Consulting in 2007.

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Please check out our other sites as well. SQC911



All services and websites of Synergy Quest Consulting (SQC) have something for everyone.

Our www.sqc411.com is becoming our main site for information, training and other such services.  You call 411 when you are preparing or have a need for something and you call 911 when you have an emergency. 
So we decided to make www.sqc911.com our solution center when such needs arises for our client, subscriber or an existing client has a serious need or sees that one is rapidly approaching.  We do address in more detail why we might not be able to help someone who is not already in our services and solution programs.  We hope to have that info linked off this site in the future but we are still trying to consolidate as much information at the 411 site as possible to reduce too much redundancy.  
Now for the newest kid on the block, www.SQThinkShop.com
Not a completely new idea but one that has been evolving over time and has had enough tweaking and major surgery to come in as “new” with some proven historical concepts tried and some fresh out of the kitchen seasoning that we might change as we go along.
Coffee Clubs a new name, a new department and a totally changed solution add some revising and adaptations and wow this is not the same kid we started with.  Our decision to place it with our new think tank solutions seemed only natural and a good budget value for those who need something but their budgets are stretched too far already.
The Synergy Doc
Both www.synergydoc.com and www.thesynergydoc.com address should come together nicely.  Enter address and both will come to the same landing spot.  We are going to balance our servers by having each take on archive duties.  Sorry, Doc is not going to be doing live for a while longer.  Part of cost reduction is doing a lot more pre-recording and less live. 
So no matter what time zone or if you had one of those nights and can’t get up in time, we have you covered even better now.
Again you can go to each of the sites for more information and for accessing your subscription services. Thank you all who have stayed the course with us since 2007.

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Synergy Quest Consulting is a custom services and solutions company that specializes in human relations and business relations.  SQC is the only authorized Human Relations Institute (HRI) consulting/training firm.  As well as the team building, SQC offers many other business services as well…

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